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Meet Your School Counselor!

Ashley Cocca, MEd, MPhil
School Counselor

Welcome to Ms. Cocca's School Counselor website for Bache-Martin School. I hope that you find this website helpful and supportive as we begin the 2023-2024 academic year! As your School Counselor, I commit to encourage all students to reach their educational, occupational, and social/emotional competencies and potential. I want to create a safe and welcoming space for students, families, and the school community. I work comprehensively and collaboratively to address and alleviate barriers to student success.
I believe and commit to displaying the following beliefs:

  • All students and families have dignity, worth, and an ever-growing amount of potential

  • All students and families have the right to access the School Counselor and supportive services

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About Ms Cocca

Hello and welcome! My name is Ashley

Cocca, and I am the School Counselor for

Bache-Martin Elementary. This is my eighth

year working with the Bache-Martin family!
I have a varied
background in education,

school counseling, and the mental health

field. I am dedicated to bring this

experience and knowledge to my position at

Bache-Martin, each and every day. 

A little background - I graduated from the GSE at the University of Pennsylvania with a degrees in Education and Professional Counseling. I served as a School Counselor in the School District of Philadelphia for 3 years. I then decided to enter the mental health field, exclusively, in order to further develop my clinical skills. During that time, I worked as a clinician in Out Patient Therapy, Mobile Therapy, Student Therapeutic Services and Drug & Alcohol Group Therapy. 

School Counselor Services 

Ms. Cocca provides a variety of services to meet student, family and community need. School Counselor services include direct and indirect services. Direct services apply to the direct support and development of the social/emotional, academic and college/career domains of each student. Indirect Services apply to supportive and collaborative services. Please navigate at the top of the website to learn more about each of the following:

  • Direct Services:

    • Individual Counseling​

    • Small Group Counseling

    • Peer Mediation

    • Academic, College/Career, High School Advising

    • Classroom Lessons / Support

    • Positive Behavior Support Plans

    • Crisis Counseling and Intervention

  • Indirect Services:​

    • Teacher Consultation and Collaboration

    • Family Consultation and Collaboration

    • Referrals to Behavioral and Mental Health Services

    • School-Wide Programming

    • Assist in Parent and Family Workshops

I live in Brewerytown (close to our school ) with my family. I love to run, laugh, hike with Wissahickon, eat Italian food, Indian food, drink coffee/tea, and be with my family and friends. 


I look forward to sharing with, as well as learning from, all of you!


Ms. Cocca :)


P.S.! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. My email and contact information can be found on the "CONTACT" tab, above.

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